Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery in Northville, MI

After your eye has been completely numbed using “eye drop” anesthesia, an eyelid holder will be placed between your eyelids to prevent you from blinking.

Next, an instrument known as a microkeratone makes a protective flap of the cornea, which is gently folded back. During this process you may feel a little pressure and the microscope light will momentarily fade away. Then you will be asked to look at a focusing light. At this point, the LADARTrackerä tracks your eye movement while the small spot laser beam precisely reshapes your cornea in a matter of seconds.

Next, the protective flap is folded back into place where it bonds securely without the need for stitches. After LASIK, some patients report a slight discomfort that usually goes away within twelve to twenty four hours. Although post-operative results vary from patient to patient most patients are able to pass a driver’s license test without their glasses or contact lenses.

Our office Co/Manages on Lasik Surgery with Drs. Howard and Todd Adelson of Northville. You will see Dr. Levin for your Pre/Op exams and your Post/Op checks for one year. We schedule your appointment for surgery OR schedule any pre-surgery tests which may need to be done to determine if you qualify for surgery.

Call our Office at 248-348-1330 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.