i.Terminal® 2 by ZEISS

Proper centration (the adjustment of the eyeglass lenses to the frame) is as important as an accurate prescription for optimal vision. Many things are taken into account, such as the distance between the eyes and pupils, the proportions of the face, the tilt and wrap of the frames, and even posture, to accurately position the lenses.

Without these measurements, up to 40% of valuable visual acuity can be lost. This is especially important for progressive lenses, where all three vision zones (distance, intermediate, and near) have to be optimally adjusted so you can comfortably see through all three zones. A difference of a millimeter can be crucial to the quality of your vision.

Every face is different. Shouldn’t your new glasses be made precisely for yours?
Ideal vision can only be achieved if your lenses are customized for your physical characteristics and how your chosen frames position the lenses in front of your eyes.

Eyeglass lenses can perform to their full potential only after they have been precisely adjusted to the wearer.

Fast. Simple. Precise.

The new standard in centration measurement technology by ZEISS

In the past, opticians manually measured the distance between the eyes and position of the pupils by marking the lenses with a felt-tipped pen. Today, opticians can measure more precisely — to a precision of 1/10th of a millimeter. The i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS provides all of the data necessary to objectively create lenses for your unique features. Lenses that are precisely personalized for your face, frame, and prescription will provide you with:

  • Better fitting lenses
  • Optimum vision
  • Reduced eye strain

Find how you can optimize your vision with cutting-edge digital centration by ZEISS.


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